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An executive helicopter is more than just a means of transport. It is a space within which you can relax, entertain guests, catch up on paperwork or conduct a business meeting. Large windows provide plenty of natural light and the opportunity to enjoy the scenery passing by, or take photos as you travel. Light snacks, soft drinks, wine and miniatures, luxurious liveries and the opportunity to customize the exterior and interior with your corporate logos if required, ensure the experience is akin to Business Class airline travel.


Twin turbine engines afford a margin of safety above those of a single or piston engine aircraft. The ability to fly at night and in most weather conditions, over congested and built up areas, offers you the ability to travel quickly and efficiently whatever the time of day, and whatever the season.

We offer a large selection of executive helicopters which provides our customers with full flexibility for travel plans.Whether you require a short hop from The London Heliport at Battersea, or if you are transporting a large group of guests to a sporting or social event, we can cater for any executive travel requirement.

With us we pride ourselves on choosing the very best aircraft for the job. Every helicopter we provide is maintained to the highest safety standards, safety standards. Cabins are presented in mint condition, with every detail of the flight meticulously scrutinized.

Aircraft suitability

And if we cannot offer the most suitable aircraft from within our own fleet, we will source one from an external operator who we have vetted and approved to ensure that they adhere to the same strict standards of safety and quality as we do.

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Helicopter hire and maintenance - Journeys

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