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Welcome to the Helicopter Noise Coalition

Anti-helicopters?  How can we be?  When we saw sturdy Sea Kings and their winchmen hauling the elderly and infirm from their flooded Gloucestershire homes in July 07, we could only applaud.  Truth is, these essential flights are a minority of rotary-winged movements.  If only they were silent.

Our embryonic website is attracting registrations from noise-affected communities across the UK.  See also www.wapag.org.uk for our local action group.


How can I report an incident?

Complaints to Airfields, both controlled and general aviation, are required by law to be investigated and responded to.  Important to note time of day, location of aircraft, and if possible the registration number of the offending machine.  Registration numbers are often not clearly visible, so as a minimum note the machine's colour.  Write to the General manager of the Airfield, or Chairman of your Joint Consultative Committee and keep a record of your complaint as it is in interview reflection paper https://essaysservice.com/interview-reflection-paper/

 Equally, if you find yourself fobbed off, get your local Council involved.  Councils have a duty of care to sustain your environment, and Environmental officers will be able to assist you.  Check also the CAA's and BHOA's websites for additional help.  More to follow.

As We See It -- March 2008

Since we went live twelve months ago our site has received many supportive registrations, all representing intrusive helicopter noise problems.  We have become attached to the Aviation Environment Federation where we met representatives of the Greater London Assembly and others concerned with aviation noise generally.  Here's some of what we've learned over the past year, and how we see things now.

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