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We Are Growing!

Since this site went live in Spring 2007 we have received multiple registrations, all sharing the single concern of helicopter noise.  From Cornwall through Devon, Hants, Sussex, Berks, Surrey, Kent, London. Bucks, Herts, Derbyshire to Edinburgh and Ulster, we believe that we could easily muster over 100,000 disaffected local residents in support of our Aims today.

With Greater London, this number should swell to over half a million, at a conservative estimate.  Our aim is reduction of helicopter noise only.  Nothing else.  We leave the issues of emissions and pollution to others.

You are aware, of course, of a DEFRA study into helicopter noise.  We ask - to what end?  Yes, the noise is painful, and the study will no doubt reach similar conclusions to that conducted in 2004 in the US by the Federal Aviation Administration.  Has the FAA report resulted in improved conditions for the overflown?  No.

Helicopters Flying From Land Near You
Sheila Lawes appeared on TV in Spring 2007 in the "Neighbour From Hell" programme.  Her neighbour was regularly flying his helicopter from and into his property, much to the disturbance of Sheila's family and others in the vicinity.  Here's what she learned, and passes on, not as a legal eagle, but as a common sense, practical guide to others similarly affected.
If New York Can Do It, Why Not Elsewhere?

Take a look at these clips from the "New York Times".  Contrast and compare with our situation.

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