Our aims
Written by David Shufflebotham   
Monday, 19 March 2007

The Helicopter Noise Coalition is a forum for everyone in the UK whose lives are adversely affected by helicopters' noise.

We were astonished to learn that, in 2007, there is no such thing in law as "noise nuisance" as applied to helicopters.  Whilst we recognise the needs of essential police, air ambulance, or national security helicopters, we also suffer the intrusive noise of the non-essential others.

Additionally, we fully recognise the vested interests of helicopter manufacturers and heliport and helicopter operators, who have invested large amounts of their own, or their investors', capital to generate shareholder profits.  However these profits are generated at a vile environmental cost.  We fully expect these vested interests to oppose our aims by whatever means, lobbying their influential networks to obfuscate our vision.

Our focused aims are:

1.       To provide the platform on which to bring together, to form a significant body of pressure, all the residents' groups and action campaigns that have formed near Air Parks, Heliports, and even military sites.

2.       To bring nationwide evidence of this problem to our elected representatives at Westminster.

3.       To effect changes in Aviation Law so that residents living in helicopters' noise sewers will have rights enabling them to negotiate, with sanctions, sensible helicopter-free time slots during weekends and public holidays, as has been achieved in France.

4.       To bring residents' concerns to the heart of local government by questioning seriously why local tax-payers receive dismal value as a result of Councils levying annual peppercorn rents for Air Parks' vast acreages; often less than small local pubs pay their brewers, and certainly poor when compared with personal Council Tax Bills. 

5.       To have helicopter training located in uninhabited areas or over the sea.  Who, in their right minds, would locate afresh today such helicopter training in the highly-populated Thames Valley or other highly populated regions?


If you share our aims, register yourself or your group/association with us.

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